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Jewellry !!

No piece is the same, as can be known from wood.  Each piece is individually crafted according to the form of the wood.  I take each piece and then craft someting from it.  This is only my feeling for this piece of wood.

Brooches Necklaces Rings Arm Bangles

If you have an interest in a particular piece why not contact me.  If it is still available it is yours but maybe you have something particular in mind.  Then contact me and we can maybe produce what you are looking for.

Rwd_em_b.gif (1771 bytes)  hoelzernes@t-online.de 

Contact:-         Rüdiger Marquarding

                       Wittenberger Straße 8

                       29462 Wustrow

                       Deutschland.    Tel  (0049) 05843  7406


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